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Water Drops

Books for Teens/Young Adults



“Father taken. In pursuit. Your lunch is in the refrigerator.”
The typical response of a typical Domestic Assistant.
But Gordon isn’t a typical DA. He’s involved in some very odd things.
Such as Aurelius Gestard and his big plan for robots to take control of Earth.
Well, not his plan exactly. His robot boss’s plan.
Well, not her plan exactly.
No-one knows whose plan it is, or who’s controlling all this.
It’s complicated.
And Henry Carter, average schoolboy, is about to walk right into it.

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The past has been deleted. History is the future.
Everyone is monitored. Everyone is controlled.
All mistakes lead to a House of Correction.
Escape is the most dangerous thing in the world.
The final step is the worst thing in the world.

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Ellie and the Nubb Lane Players

Forced to beg, owned and misused,
abused and pursued, Ellie is alone in the big, cruel city.
Until she finds unlikely friends, in unlikely places, doing unlikely things.
Ellie and her friends will never give in.

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Barney and Son

A job! Food and lodging for Barney and son.
But the job is part of a plot.
Soon, Barney is in prison, and his son is on a prison ship.
Both want to escape and help the other.
But that is going to take a lot of doing.

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Jo and Jim in a Weird World

Jo and Jim go through a thing in the garden.
They are still in their garden, but everything has changed.
Everything is weird, and frightening.
And no-one is making any sense.
It’s time to go home.
Their real home.
Wherever that is.
One thing is clear: no-one is going to help them.

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The Treasure of Kurukhstan

An Ellen Charteris Investigation

Robert Stine has a large diamond of Kurukhstan,

which he wants to return. Someone else wants it

returned, and he is following him. The first obstacle

is that Robert has been sent home wounded. The second

obstacle is that the diamond has been stolen. The third

obstacle is that Robert has been arrested for murder. Can
Ellen Charteris solve the case? Can she and her assistant,

Jo, survive the dangers of the investigation?

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The Messenger

Sandy Potton has a secret number to deliver. To a man called John Smith. And five ruthless people don’t want him to deliver it. They want to know it. And they’ll torture and kill. But first, they have to catch him. And his new friend Ella. It’s the gang of five against the team of two.

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Grorn the cruel, Grorn the powerful.
Wanting more power. Wanting war.
His enemies a young girl, a poacher, and a timid clerk.
And a dead man. And a woman they call a witch.
Two forces are about to collide.

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