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Books for Adults


One More World to Visit

How do you find a mystery man who is being pursued by a lot of people, all over the Galaxy?
Easy: just listen to what he tells you.
Difficult: he's going to take you the long and dangerous way.
And you're going to be followed by a lot of dangerous people.

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One ordinary man, in a world of violence and greed.
Forced down into a deeper world of violence and poverty, he has to make choices.
Because here, there are no rules.
He can be ordinary no more.

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Peter has spirits in the house, and he has no idea what to do.
The experts are clear: relax, meditate, connect.
But what can he do when he’s under attack?
What can he do when the spirits are angry and jealous, and blaming it on him?
The only thing he can do: work it out for himself.

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Charity Shields

Charity’s peaceful, solitary life is about to change. The first challenge is looking after Eric, an eleven year old boy. The next challenge is finding a murdered man, and being chased by the murderer. And when the dead body is replaced by a dead sheep, she can’t count on the police.
She’s on her own.
It’s one challenge after another as she links the murder to wide-spreading corruption. She’s up against some very powerful people. But with Eric to help her, how can she fail?

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Grorn the cruel, Grorn the powerful.
Wanting more power. Wanting war.
His enemies a young girl, a poacher, and a timid clerk.
And a dead man. And a woman they call a witch.
Two forces are about to collide.

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Little Spilling

For an unknown number of centuries, Little Spilling has resisted change. This makes it an entirely unsuitable location for an alien invasion. The aliens don’t know that.
As preparation for their plan to conquer Earth, this looks like a good place to start. It’s even worse than when that ghastly Duke William arrived.
Much worse.
They’ve put Mrs Proudcake’s butler in charge.

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