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Purple Epoxy

Books for Children

Mole and Frog

Everyone needs a friend.
Even a mole who lived underground.
Even a frog who lives in a pond.
Even a dog who lives in a house.
They all need a friend.
And the friends all come together in the garden.

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The Slumpton Rats

In the Old Dock, bad things are happening in Rat City. Slither, the leader of the rats, and old Dross, the Nightwatchman, are running the Market for their own ends, not caring what harm comes to Rat City. Only the Ditchpole family will oppose them. But first, they must escape, and survive.
And Slither wants them back.

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Laika wants the bombs to stop.
And she wants a dog.
She wants the guns to stop.
And she wants a dog.
She wants food.
And she wants a dog.
She wants to be well and happy again.
It is time for a dog.

(Parent's Note: Laika deals with mature subject matter)

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Oak Wood

In the middle of Oak Wood stands the Great Oak. And beneath the Great Oak is the place where the people of Oak Wood live.

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