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Parallel Lines

John Guthrie Author


Speculative fiction with characters you'll cheer for. 

Cracked Concrete Wall



One More World to Visit

How do you find a mystery man who is being pursued by a lot of people, all over the Galaxy?
Easy: just listen to what he tells you.
Difficult: he's going to take you the long and dangerous way.
And you're going to be followed by a lot of dangerous people.

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One ordinary man, in a world of violence and greed.
Forced down into a deeper world of violence and poverty, he has to make choices.
Because here, there are no rules.
He can be ordinary no more.

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The past has been deleted. History is the future.
Everyone is monitored. Everyone is controlled.
All mistakes lead to a House of Correction.
Escape is the most dangerous thing in the world.
The final step is the worst thing in the world.

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“Father taken. In pursuit. Your lunch is in the refrigerator.”
The typical response of a typical Domestic Assistant.
But Gordon isn’t a typical DA. He’s involved in some very odd things.
Such as Aurelius Gestard and his big plan for robots to take control of Earth.
Well, not his plan exactly. His robot boss’s plan.
Well, not her plan exactly.
No-one knows whose plan it is, or who’s controlling all this.
It’s complicated.
And Henry Carter, average schoolboy, is about to walk right into it.

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Ellie and the Nubb Lane Players

Forced to beg, owned and misused,
abused and pursued, Ellie is alone in the big, cruel city.
Until she finds unlikely friends, in unlikely places, doing unlikely things.
Ellie and her friends will never give in.

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Barney and Son

A job! Food and lodging for Barney and son.
But the job is part of a plot.
Soon, Barney is in prison, and his son is on a prison ship.
Both want to escape and help the other.
But that is going to take a lot of doing.

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Cracked Concrete Wall


John Guthrie writes speculative fiction set in troubled worlds, whether here on earth or in far-flung worlds in other solar systems. At the heart of his books are characters happy with their quiet lives who are ensnared in situations they're desperate to escape from. They don't know whom to trust because trusting the wrong person often leads to the worst possible outcome. You'll find yourself cheering for each of the main characters in John's books as they match wits with the most ruthless of adversaries.

John resides in the UK and, when he's not on the lookout for a stray dog to show up on his doorstep, is continually dreaming up new stories and characters.

Parallel Lines


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